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Welcome to
Joan Bacot's 
Music Garden

for budding artists




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Joan enjoys composing and performing original music in her free time.

"Love Grows" by Joan Bacot 

About Joan

Joan Bacot is a gifted and caring music educator with over thirty years of experience teaching students of all ages. As a recent retiree of the local school system, she has the musical training and practical expertise to encourage young musicians to blossom and grow.

Joan understands that budding artists are best cultivated in an environment that includes the following:

  • steady, clear instruction

  • flexibility of approach

  • freedom to try, explore, fail, fail better, succeed

  • patience, encouragement

  • frequent, relaxed performance opportunities

  • peer support for performance anxiety

By combining personalized private instruction with collaborative group interaction, Joan allows the natural joy of music to flourish. 

Degrees & Certifications
Master of Arts: Music Education, 2004 George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Bachelor of Arts: Music Education, 1987 Wingate College, Wingate, NC 
Virginia Teaching License: Choral and Instrumental Music K-12, English

What People Say

Larke Pain
musician, colleague, parent


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I've had the privilege of watching Joan work as a choir director, and I've seen the influence she's had on my children during their formative years. Not only is she a gifted musician who knows how to select appropriate music and help her students shine, she is aware of their emotional needs and sees how music can upift and instill confidence. Joan is always positive, and her encouragement allows for exponential growth musically. Whether giving lessons in a group or private setting, she is a valuable asset.

Niamh Kierans
singer-songwriter, student

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Having had Joan Bacot as my music teacher for the entirety of my high school career, I can attest to her incredible talent as an educator. In the classroom she was an effective teacher, always allowing her students to test the limits of their own knowledge before providing further guidance. I often came to her for help in understanding difficult harmonies and challenging chord progressions, and I always received her glad and willing counsel. Beyond her experience and clear passion for teaching, Ms. Bacot is simply a tremendous musician with a keen ear and wonderful talent for explanation. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a music teacher to anyone.

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(540) 222-5517

Warrenton, Virginia

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